Know More

  1. The app is downloaded by the traffic marshalls at the gate and anybody else that may be checking outgoing and incoming materials (e.g. engineers, supervisors etc).
  2. These 'Gatekeepers' use the mobile app to categorise and scan the invoice of any vehicle entering or exiting the construction site and produce a digital copy.
  3. Incoming data undergoes quality assurance by the appointed site administrator.
  4. Scanned documents (PDF format) and delivery information from the database (CSV format) can be downloaded from the Gatekeeper website for your company.
  5. Information can be viewed in table format or graphically by appointed management users both on the website and via the app.
  1. Transparency - Generate a clear overview of site traffic and hence an overview of site productivity.
  2. Information - With data easily accessible, management can make the most informed decisions.
  3. Accessibility - Information is now easily accessible and searchable through the Gatekeeper website and app.
  4. Timeliness - Database updated in real time to give accurate and current insight into productivity.
  5. Certainty - Always be sure of what was delivered, and when. Prevent needless searching on site for a delivery that may or may not have arrived.
  6. Time - Save time for various members of the team: Admin Staff, Quantity Surveyors, Concrete Engineer, Rebar Engineer, Site and Senior Management.
  7. Download - With both the scans and database information downloadable to your company's servers, you will have a permanent record of site traffic. The database information can be downloaded in CSV format which can be used by popular spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets for in-house analysis.
  8. Evidence - Keep photos of plant and equipment with the hiring / off-hiring document so that any damage claims can be checked for veracity.